A Colourful Cottage and a Restored, New England Inn

Today is a public holiday in New Zealand, Queens Birthday weekend and my lucky friends are still away at their beach houses, we have remained home as we are lucky enough to be able to walk to the beach so I guess you could say, our "beach house is our home"☺. We have made the most of the sunny weather Saturday and Sunday with lots of Poppy walks. However, today is cloudy, cold and drizzly and driven me into my woolly socks, lots of layers and warm office looking for inspiration, which I found in two pretty cottages.

I spotted both these cottages at Wayfair, unfortunately there are only a few images, however I thought them both perfect cottage interiors and I know a lot of my readers love the cottage look.

This second home is a restored New England inn...

Images via 

I hope you had a lovely weekend, wherever you are in the world. It is now officially winter here in New Zealand and the weather is certainly indicating so today....brrrr!

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