Adding Creative Touches to a Traditional Styled Bathroom

Above, the gentle curves of this free-standing bath help create a serene atmosphere in this French style bathroom. The owner has shown their love of French style by creatively adding furniture and injecting their personality into this space. When designing or re-decorating a bathroom, think out of the box, by introducing some creative touches, you can easily add personality, as well as function to this important area of your home.

Bathrooms of the past were previously insignificant spaces with small frosted windows but today they are increasing in size, windows are becoming focal points and some home owners are choosing to sacrifice a bedroom to gain a new, spacious bathroom. Extra storage, built in fireplaces and even televisions hidden in mirrors are all finding their way into this formerly insignificant space. How does one take this room from functional to fashionable? Here are a few ideas to add some personality to a traditional styled bathroom.

The Bath

A bath can dictate the style of your room or simply enhance it. There are many beautiful shaped baths available and there are no exacting rules to be followed. A contemporary bath can work just as well in a traditional style bathroom and vice versa and it is not a requirement to match your basin with your style of bath. Baths are available in many shapes and sizes, so it is not impossible to rule out a free-standing bath if your area is small. 

Above: A traditional style bath fits neatly into a small area. A bathroom full of personality, with its iron display shelves, cosy chair and the small storage cabinet.


There is no need to have recessed lighting only, suspending a central light or candelabra fitting, will add charm and sophistication to your space and hanging a chandelier is the perfect way to do this. When looking for your statement light, remember to take into account the size and height of your room. Also make sure that you will have adequate lighting in the area where you wash and apply your make-up.

Above: The marble in the bath works with the grainy patina of the wooden floor below. A stunning chandelier takes pride of place above the marble bath.

Above: An eclectic mix in this rustic bathroom with the addition of some industrial style spot lights.


Free standing furniture not only adds extra storage but helps show off your style. An armoire or antique cabinet can be used to store fresh towels. If you have enough space, introduce a comfortable chair to relax in while waiting for your bath to draw. Small free standing cabinets can be used to store soaps and make up. Wooden or iron towel rails look so much nicer than modern stainless steel. However, you can buy stainless, traditional style heated towel rails from My Bathrooms, perfect if you can't live without warm towels.

Above: A large armoire helps create a country/French feeling to the corner of this bathroom.

Above: A beautifully shaped chair sits elegantly in the corner of this serene bathroom. The curves of the chair reflect the moulding seen in the armoire beside it. The Chinese ceramic stool enhances this space so wonderfully, this bathroom has it all!


Add a stunning mirror for instant impact. Boring, frame-less bathroom mirrors are a thing of the past, there is no quicker way to determine your style than by hanging a beautiful mirror.

Above: A stunning Venetian mirror enhances the pewter bath below. A rug adds not only texture but also warmth to the overall cool tone of this stunning bathroom. A contrasting brass chandelier draws the eye upwards.

Above: A grand, gilded mirror adds drama in this opulent bathroom. The contemporary basin seems at odds but collectively it all seems to work.

Window Treatments

Bathrooms used to be the space where there were no window treatments, usually a small opaque glazed window. However, as bathrooms have increased in size and some are even created from existing bedrooms, why not treat the windows as you would any other room in your house. You can either frame the windows with gorgeous drapes or a pretty Roman blind. Alternatively frame the view and reserve some shutters for privacy when required.

Above: Weathered shutters beautifully enhance this small space. The weathered patina adds charm and reflects the owner's love of antiquities.
Above: This elegant bathroom has been treated more as a living space with the addition of Curtains and Roman blinds that co-ordinate with its colour scheme.

Wall Art

Artwork is usually reserved for the more public spaces in our homes, however the right artwork can look fabulous in a bathroom. Don't feel that because your room might be small you should buy small art work, one large piece can add impact. If you decide to go with small works, group your art in similar colour frames and arrange in a way that they appear as a gallery wall. Black and white photography can look really smart as seen below. However, remember when shopping art for a bathroom, there will be steam and condensation so only use photographic or art paper prints, framed behind glass and make sure you have a good ventilation system in place or humidity will gradually affect the works. Acrylics suit this atmosphere best.

Above: A gallery wall with a stylish look

Above: A colourful painting brightens up the corner of this small bathroom.

There are many ways you can enhance your bathroom and inject your style and personality, I have touched on just a few. You don't need to rush out and spend a lot of money, you can purchase items along the way and there is always little inexpensive touches such as rugs, art, towels candles or simply some flowers to keep this space alive.

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