Boca Do Lobo - Exquisite, unique furniture design

I lived in Brunei for almost 8 years and during this time not only was I surrounded by rainforest but also by opulence. While living there I was lucky enough to experience several invitations to the Sultan's Istana (palace) where I was in awe of the incredibly luxurious surroundings. Little gold plated, (yes real gold) shuttle cocks were used as feet on some of the chairs in their gymnasium, I noticed on one visit that a foot was missing and wondered to myself if someone had decided to take a souvenir! Although opulence may not be my personal style, I am always appreciative of unique designs and since leaving Brunei I have not seen such opulence until I discovered Boca Do Lobo, a furniture design company located in Portugal. I hesitate to use the word furniture as their designs are totally unique, more functional pieces of art. 

If luxury is your style and money is no object then just take a look Boca Do Lobo's exquisite, limited edition pieces....

Eden Series - gold plated 

Monochrome - Inspired by monochromatic paintings,  reflected light adds fluidity to these sculptural pieces. 
Piccadilly Cabinet

A fabulous cabinet inspired by Manueline 

From their more affordable range, I'm in love with these wonderful side tables...

Side table - Stone, made from laquered oak, mahogany or walnut

Caos' - Urban yet classical design

 I encourage you to visit Boco Do Lobo to learn more about their company and browse their unique furniture, each piece has it's own story. If you can't resist one of these amazing pieces, they do ship worldwide.

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