Guest bedroom makeover underway

Finally the weekend is here and I am happy to say the guest bedroom is well on its way. After a little indecision about colour and a huge collection of Resene test pots, I finally narrowed it down to 1/8th Bison hide. I wanted a neutral colour with a touch of beige, bison hide was perfect, I would describe it as the colour of drift wood and would look great in a coastal home. My previous wall colour, rice cake is a lovely neutral colour, however it didn't appear to have much depth, the new colour has depth and the decision to use flat rather than low sheen paint was a much smarter choice for a bedroom.

My theme is my own take on the Hampton's versus Ralph Lauren. I wanted a room with a touch of masculinity, hoping to entice my Air Force son home on his breaks. The images below are part of my inspiration, as you can see my palette is completely neutral and very beige..."oh no!" I hear some of you say, "how boring!" However, my cottage is only 103 square metres and as much as I love colour because of its size I try to keep a neutral palette, adding interest with texture and pattern. From time to time when I do get a little bored, I simply introduce a few bright cushions to provide a lift.

1.  Wall colour -  Resene one eighth Bison hide
2.   Picasso dove print from All Posters
3.   Cosy homestead sheets and two pillowcases - Wallace Cotton
4.   Bungalow duvet cover and two pillowcases -  Wallace Cotton (link above)
5.   Picasso camel print also from All Posters (link above)
6.   Nickel desk lamp adds a touch of masculinity and doubles as an easy reading lamp
7.   Linen headboard with studs (I will be making my own)
8.   Pineapple lamp will work great with the camel print
9.   Black iron tripod tables beside the bed
10. Toile from Martha's for cushions
11.  Quirky cushion seen over at Interior Design online (still thinking about this one)
12.  Beige tartan for bed cushion
13.  Rattan trunk for storage - adds interest and texture
14.  Possible storage unit
15.  Beige linen for curtains (these may go either side of the wide slatted alabaster blinds).
16.  Sisal flooring  from Artisan flooring - wall to wall or large edged rug, (budget may factor here)

I am planning on making my own padded headboard similar to the snippet in my mood board, (Later I will be sharing this step by step). The top of the little iron tables I plan to stencil with a simple design such as fleur-de- lis rubbed with gold furniture wax. I was going to purchase some black and white prints, however, I have decided to use my artistic skills and create my own pictures, one idea I have will tie in beautifully with the pineapple lamp seen in my mood board.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend, I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

If you love neutral interiors you may want to tour this stylish  Manhattan apartment.

Note: Since posting, you can now see the final reveal of this makeover here.

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