Eclectic, retro interior

I am still waiting for some of my furniture to complete the makeover of my guest bedroom, so meanwhile I am delighted to share an eclectic and colourful interior. Retro, vintage with a touch of Bohemian would be my description of this interesting home.

 When you have white walls and couches, it is so easy to add colour with cushions and rugs.

 A truly eclectic mix.

 A mix of bar stools in this simple kitchen layout.

 Blue is "oh so pretty! Without giving my age away, anyone remember enamel breadbins?

A striking Mexican mirror.

I love the traditional wood chair repainted in bright pink.

 Touches of blue.

 Scraps of wallpaper create an interesting patchwork wall.

 That lovely pink again.

 An eclectic mix of colour and pattern.

 A simple way to display artwork.

Still in trend, desk lamps for bedside reading.  The pop of pink is a surprise in the blue and white bedroom.

I love these old stretched oils.

Images copyright jjlocations. This home is available for photo and film shoots through jjlocations.

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