Fabulous Seaside Interior

The Hamptons you might think, but surprise, this fabulous home is actually in England, in West Sussex. The  architecture is perfect for its seaside location, a lovely wide verandah to relax out of the sun, with an upstairs balcony giving widespread views of the sea.  Imagine living here all year round it would feel like a permanent holiday.

I love the shutters in the bedroom, well I guess I am biased as have very similar in my own room. The mirror in between is a great way of creating a feeling of more space... I have a light bulb image above my head , a perfect addition to my own shutters.

Please visit JJ Locations to see more images of this fabulous home.

Hope your having a fabulous weekend, Cold Play were in Auckland over the weekend but sadly I didn't have a ticket, I would have loved to have gone.  Sometimes I can hear concerts when the wind is blowing this way but no such luck Saturday :(

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