White Kitchens

Everyone absolutely loved Becky's Farmhouse kitchen post last week and I was thrilled that this has been one of my most popular posts, it just goes to show how loved the "farmhouse/country" style is.  Becky has posted some more images, her before and after and work in progress which you can view "here". If you missed my earlier post on Beckys kitchen you will find a link at the end of this post.

Yesterday a friend came over and was mentioning that she is about to re-do her kitchen and how she found my blog great inspiration, of course I was thrilled to hear this and therefore decided to share some more fabulous kitchen ideas. I've chosen five all white kitchens, each one having it's own unique style. It's made me desperate to do a mini makeover on my tiny kitchen, starting with the most annoying light which hangs over the breakfast bar. This flashy designer light (already in the house), is down to 2 working bulbs out of 6 because no-one, male or female, can work out how to get these darn bulbs out to change them!

Image sources: 1|2|3|4|5

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