Italian Country Style Interior

Friends know my dream is to one day have a home in Italy, a little rustic house in the country where I can paint and live the Italian lifestyle, possibly this comes from watching "Under The Tuscan Sun" an embarrassingly huge number of time. It might only be a dream right now, but for me it's a bit like the Pantene hair does it go? "It quote, "It might not happen overnight, but it will happen!" unquote. So with this in mind, meanwhile I  still enjoy looking for my dream Italian home.

This fabulous discovery has wonderful old wooden beams (a must have for me), and ancient terracotta tiled floors.  A lot of old Italian country buildings tend to be a little on the dark side with small rooms and few windows. However, this interior has been opened up and brightly painted accent walls have made this home light and inviting.  If you ask an Italian about renovating old buildings, most will say they prefer a new apartment or newly built house, it's usually the expat buyer that seeks out old barns and derelict buildings and turns them into a wonderful living spaces such as this.

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