Renovated English Townhouse

Fellow blogger Kifus at Inspiring Interiors posted this gorgeous renovated English townhouse. I'm only giving you a taster of a couple of images, Inspiring Interiors has more images of this home plus hundreds of other images of homes around the world. I suggest you have that cup of coffee with you as your bound to get lost in all the wonderful interiors to be found on Kifus Blog (see link at end of post).

 Gosh! I wish I had those Peonies in my house right now...they're are shouting out to be painted. I'm
so annoyed with myself for not having taken lots of Peony photos last year for my paintings.

Don't you just love the aged patina of those rustic floorboards.
click "here" to visit Inspiring Interiors and see more images of this home.

Images via Inspiring Interiors...original images from Period Living

My tummy is still recovering from too much chocolate over Easter
Lee oxo 

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