Red Velvet Cupcakes - Finding Out What The Fuss Is All About!

I'd not a clue what a red velvet cupcake was until I received an email from Nosh Food Market with a link to their recipe. Being the "Google Queen" that I am, I began to search more information on this... quote, "delectable peice of heaven" unquote...well this is how one person described the little red cake. After 15 mins of browsing delicious looking images, I was hooked and decided to dash to the supermarket and gather up the ingredients to see what all the fuss is about!

Along the way (Google way that is), I discovered...
These gorgeous cupcakes featured for Valentines on the most delightful blog,  "Made From Scratch".  I'm proud to say, another fellow "Kiwi" blogger and this little blog has real "style". Click "here" to view their version of this delectable cupcake.

My Red Velvet results using Nosh's recipe below. (note: I replaced the buttermilk in their recipe with 3/4 cup milk and 1/4 cup of runny natural yogurt). 

Handy Tip: Place your cupcake papers in a patty pan/muffin tin as this will help to keep their shape and the mixture won't spread. Alternatively use several papers and remove the outer ones after cooking. I didn't  do this and mine spread considerably.

To download the recipe I used, please click on nosh logo below or you can visit the Nosh website to see more recipes, news, specials etc

If your not sure how to ice your cupcake, visit Glorious Treats for some simple instructions.

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