Quote for the Week & International Artist Magazine Competition

Happiness depends upon our’selves.


I like this quote from Aristotle and try to keep it in the forefront of my mind, probably why I have times when I throw myself intensely into something new.  I am a believer in trying to make life  interesting by experiencing new things which in return usually brings more happiness.

Today I received an email from International Artist Magazine saying I had been selected for the next stage of their still life and flowers competition.  I entered the competition with my painting "Inspiration".

Inspiration - oil on canvas 1.20metres x 1.20 metres

I am not only excited but honored and "happy" as this is a world wide competition from a popular Art magazine. If I only get a mention in their magazine I will be ecstatic!  I will keep you informed if I manage to progress further. At the moment I am still trying to fathom out how to turn the 500 x 500 pixel photo I originally sent them into an A4 or 300 dpi size which they have requested to move me through to the next stage. If anyone knows how to do this, please either email me or kindly leave info in the comment box.  I have since sold this painting so its not easy for me to take another photo.  

I would like to leave you with some photos for those of you that love chintz and pink roses. This SUV below belongs to Interior designer, Carolyn Espley-Miller who has covered her car seats with a really romantic, pretty chintz. 

 Wouldn't it be nice to drive around in a car like this.  I can imagine wearing a romantic white maxi dress and raffia hat...oh! and I might be carrying this really cute bag, all of which I found at Shopruche.com, a modern boutique with a vintage touch.

You can see further photos of the interior of Carolyn's Espley-Miller's house at a neigbouring blog, "Inspiring Interiors", a  great blog with lots of inspirational interior photos.

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