Relaxed Living Spaces

Gone is the separate formal lounge of the past, today's living is about being able to interact with family and friends while in different work or relaxation zones of your home. When it comes to designing a space that is open-plan it is important that there is continuity in the interior design. As well as your choice of furniture style, it is important to look carefully at the layout to make sure that all your areas 'flow' and it is easy for people to move from one space to another. I have gathered some interior design inspiration to give you an idea of relaxed, open plan spaces and have also included some cosy living areas that I feel are aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as having a functional layout.


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My home environment is very important to me, some might think one shallow to think like this, however my surroundings, from colour to furnishing, style and accessories, most definitely affect the way I feel and think. I need neutrals or soft colours, mixes of interesting textures and comfortable, relaxed style furniture. I need to be able to let the outside in and most important live in a home filled with natural light. I believe that everyone can achieve such comfort without spending a huge amount of money. Draw inspiration from what you see, refinish vintage or second hand furniture to give it a new lease of life. For your walls you can buy simple frames and use pieces of patterned fabric or download images from The Graphic Fairy to frame up. There are many ways you can make your home look just as good as the rooms go for it!

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