My Living Room - Making Seasonal Changes

Spring is here and that means a few changes to my home, I have abandoned the warm shades of winter, done a little shopping, introduced some spring foliage, swapped a few things around and given my living area a fresh, new look...Gasp!

It all started when I spotted a delightful artichoke at Dovecote on Kepa Road. It is a ceramic candleholder with rustic tips on the ends of the fronds. When I got it home I decided I would bring out my summer cushions and change a few other things around. I am still not sure that everything is where it should be, my home is constantly evolving, but this is how I keep things fresh and interesting. Be pre-warned, I am still playing with this camera so where some shots are over-exposed it was because I was experimenting with the whiter background. My walls are actually a warmer white than they appear in these shots.

Above: Ceramic artichoke from Dovecote,1/224, Kepa Road, Mission Bay.
Above: The cushions were made for me by Curtainalia & Bel Cuscino last summer. Kaye creates the most gorgeous curtains and cushions which are made to order. Kaye also stocks lovely homeware and one of a kind painted furniture in her store.
Above: The large faux wood finial and rustic pot of baby's tears were purchased at 
 at Le Monde in Parnell.

A few changes in the home can take away that desire to completely re-decorate. Introduce a change of colour with some new cushions, add some flowers or foliage plants, Moth orchids are timeless and one of my favourite. You may be surprised at how uplifting it can be to make a few changes. If you missed my room in winter, you can catch

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