The New York Home of Filmmaker/Photographer Hans Neleman & His Family

Film-maker and photographer Hans Neleman and fashion designer, Tessa Neleman-Pimontel chose to take on the interior design of their New York suburban home. Together, they have created an imposing residence for their family, reflecting their love of organic materials and antique or re-purposed furniture.  Classic in style with a touch of opulence (as seen in the bedroom). Neutral in colour scheme, but far from neutral in looks, the owners talent for great design stands out in this wonderful home with timeless appeal.

I was drawn to this interior immediately, I keep going back to absorb as much as I can. What fascinates me, is its eclectic mix of textures and pattern in neutral tones. A home with panache, yet at the same time grounded. There is no way that anyone can say "beige is boring" here.

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Lee oxo

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