My French Style Home Office - "The Reveal"

After a week of overcast, wet weather and gradually coming to grips with my camera, I have managed to get take the shots for my home office reveal. You will have to excuse the overexposed shots, my excuse for compensating for lack of light in this south facing room.

Working off a  laptop (literally on my lap), I realised it was time I created a home office. I don't have a lot of free space so had no choice but to use the smallest room in the house. The room had been used for a storage space for a lot of my mums things. I felt it was now an appropriate time to sort through the items and put some into outside storage. I wanted to create a French theme, as seen in my initial mood board.

I began by giving the room a fresh coat of paint with Resene 'Hint of Grey', I placed a simple wide slatted wooden blind in the window. My biggest expense was the gorgeous antique Turkish rug I bought through Kaye at Curtainalia & Bel Cuscino. Kaye was great and helped me source a number of items including my lovely buttoned back chair. I purchased an old Kauri table and re-finished it in a mix of Paris Grey and Pure White Chalk Paint™ (tutorial to follow). I also purchased an original 1950's Louis style French chair which I have also re-finished in Paris Grey. The chair was originally cream with a blue lattice effect on the cane back. I thought this detail a little fussy for the room. I had already bought a coastal style bookcase which is not in keeping, but for now it will have to work.

The room is an odd shape with a slanted corner wall and difficult to furnish so I had to place a reading corner in front of a small cupboard. The kitchen is located on other side of the wall and I plan to steal the cupboard space anyway when I renovate the kitchen. I have been moving the furniture around in the room and still not sure if I should have the desk in the corner, the middle of the room or against the wall, maybe you could tell me what you think?

Overall I am happy, I would have liked a larger window, however it is not worth the added expense. I may possibly have a solar tube put in the roof to allow more light. The latest solar tubes now come with a switch that can close the light off if you need the room for sleeping in.  Any thoughts on creating more light without spending too much money, I am keen to hear about.

The before -  (you can vaguely see the colour swatches I was trying on the wall to the right.

After :

Overall I am happy with the space, I do feel creative in it and am picking up my first canvas on Saturday with plans to start sketching up my first painting next week. I have a reading corner to take breaks in and as you can see, Poppy thinks it's comfortable too.

1. French style button back, linen chair,Turkish rug, linen pin board, small iron and linen shade, lamp - Via Kaye at Curtainalia & Bel Cuscino
2. Kauri Desk,1950's original French Louis reproduction Chair and original blue painted French wall shutter - from Yvonne Sanders Antiques.
3. Bookcase - Freedom Furniture
4. Wooden container with brushes and small iron folding table - French Country Collections 
5. Wide Wooden slatted painted blind - Brightshine Shutters
6. Rattan baskets on bookshelf - Wallace Cotton
7. Chandelier - my own

Lee oxo

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