It is All In The Detail - Adding the final touches to my home office

I am moving forward with my office, its still not complete, however I wanted to share a couple of images as I try to pull it together. I am trying to create a little French corner in my home and I think I am succeeding but it does come down to the final touches, an important part of any room design. These finishing touches should inject a little of your personality and style, and bring your room to life. 

I am using cherished items I have inherited, as well as some new pieces. Let's face it, shopping for new things, is the fun part. When I go shopping I usually buy what catches my eye and I think about how it might work and where I might place it. Yesterday I purchased a reproduction antique wooden horse, most definitely an impulse buy. I love horses as I used to do a lot of dressage and he caught my eye, although the rider would definitely be loosing points for his posture as far as his riding position. Regardless, I like him, so I am trying to find that perfect spot in my office.

Above: My table is a rustic, tilt top wine table. I have whitewashed the top and scrubbed it back so the white pigment is only in the wood grain. I have left the remainder of the table in its natural state. The horseman and the old French book I really love, the white jug however, is not right. I am looking for a large earthenware and glazed olive jug but so far not found the right one, meanwhile this jug is filling the gap.

I would love an old olive jar like these below, possibly with a grey/blue or brown glaze around the top. If anyone knows where I can get one, please leave a comment...

Image via - Unfortunately these are in the USA. The mustard glazed one on the second shelf is the exact shape I am looking for.

Above: I also want something unique to put my paint brushes in, I am thinking possibly a small iron bucket but meanwhile this French look tin will have to suffice.

Above: I often rush into things and my office theme changed from coastal to French and I had already purchased a coastal style bookshelf. For now I am making the best of it until I can buy something to re-finish in a French style.

I moved the horseman over to the bookshelf to see what he would look like, I actually like him in both places, however until I find my olive jug I won't make the final decision. It is all about trying things out, moving them around, layering, adding differing heights and seeing how they all work together. Lots of trial and error and a lot of fun.

Above: On the top shelf is an old barometer of my dads, my grandfathers old writing box and some antique books. On top of the books, sits an old address embosser. This piece has been in our family for many years and still has our old UK address from when I was a child. The idea is that you place your piece of paper or envelope flap into the press and then push down the handle and voila! your address is embossed onto the paper. (I will show you in my next office update).

 Above:  On my desk is an old photo album that dates back to 1863, the Parker fountain pen is about 60 years old and belonged to my godfather.

I hope you enjoyed a few snapshots of my room, rather than have to wait until it is complete, I feel its nice to share the progress meanwhile. I still have two chairs to purchase and art to put on the wall. A friend and I won some lovely hand written 19th century French documents on Trademe and waiting for them to arrive, I am hoping they will look great framed and hanging behind my desk. I am also looking for the perfect piece to go on the wall above my wine table but not sure yet what that might be.

If you are looking for some styling tips and images, you may be interested in a previous post 'Creating The Perfect Console/Sideboard Vignette' or Coffee Table Styling. I will be sharing more updates soon.

Lee oxo

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