Home Office Update 2 - New Photos

A few updated shots of my office progress, all that remains is two chairs, wall art and a few accessories. I have decided to keep the French Louis chair for my bedroom project.  I am now looking for a comfortable, high back chair for my desk and a cosy reading chair. I still haven't found my elusive olive jar, so meanwhile I have created a temporary vignette to fill the gap.

I have to make a few adjustments before the room is ready to shoot in its entirety. The antique, French shutter may be repainted white. It also needs re-positioning lower, however this will wait until I have the perfect accessories for my table top. The French documents are from the 1800's, I will be framing these for the wall beside my desk, and possibly, there will be a number left to sell if anyone is interested. They are really beautiful, hand written in ink and the paper has aged to a lovely patina. They are old legal documents and one has an 1800 blue, ten centimes, French stamp on the back of it.  The toile waste paper bin is lacquered bamboo and was a bargain on Trademe.  The silver tankard was my fathers... my mother would be absolutely horrified if she knew I was showing an image of it all tarnished. I love the patina though so a little reluctant to polish it up. I am so pleased I am finding spots for some of my family treasures.

These shots were taken on a cloudy day and this is a South facing room with only a small window. The little natural light has not helped me to create the greatest clarity as I had to edit the light in the images. Next month I start my photography course and really excited at trading in auto for manual.

I hope you enjoyed a further peek at my office, I feel it is coming along well and reflecting my original inspiration post. As soon as I have my two chairs and artwork up, I will post 'before and after shots' of the room in its entirety. I will also make notes of where I purchased my items.

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