An Eclectic Mix of Bedroom Headboard Inspiration - Thailand to France and a little contemporary

 Above Interior design by Cindy Rinfret (Headboard discovered on a trip to Thailand)

One of my most read posts features a little of my creative work where I used a pair of antique French shutters as a headboard above my bed. At the time I had just moved into my house and didn't have the money to spend on a luxury headboard. Along with all the other things that had to be bought, the shutters were the perfect temporary solution. Not only did they look effective but they added a country feel to my boxy bedroom. When I complete my home office (images to be posted next week), the next room to tackle is my bedroom of which I plan to purchase a headboard that will be my focus piece. I have been perusing the internet for inspiration and discovered some stunning examples, from grand and ornate to the more sedate, some my style, some not, however their uniqueness is appreciated









I hope you have enjoyed these inspirational headboards, I would have to say I love the simplicity of the third one, exactly the piece I am looking for.

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