Caramelised Figs With Maple Mascapone - 5 Minute Recipe

I love fresh figs and I also love Donna Hay's recipes so when a friend gave me an abundance of fresh figs from her garden last weekend, I knew exactly the recipe I wanted to try. This recipe comes from Donna Hay's 'Fast, Fresh, Simple', a really lovely book with lots of quick and easy recipes. The images are the results of my cooking and taken with my 35mm camera. 

Caramelised Figs With Maple Mascapone

Ingredients (serves 4 persons):

6 fresh figs halved
half a cup brown sugar
250grams of Mascapone
half a cup (80ml) maple syrup

  • Slice your whole figs in half
  • Press each half, cut side down, into your sugar making sure it is well coated
  • Heat up a non stick frypan and place the sugar side face down in your pan. Cook for 10 to 15 seconds until the sugar is melted and starts to caramelise
  • Remove from pan and place on serving plate (3 halves per person)
  • Place a scoop of mascapone beside the figs (about a desert spoon size)
  • Indent the middle of the mascapone with the back of a teaspoon 
  • Fill the indent with some Maple syrup and serve immediately

Make sure you don't have the heat up too high on your fry pan as the sugar can burn

Bon Appetit

Lee oxo

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