My Living Room - An Eclectic Mix of Blue & White

Even though I am an artist, I would be the first to admit my home doesn't fit into the normal category of an artist's dwelling. Usually they are vibrant & colourful such as Isabelle de Borchgrave's fascinating home. I have a small cottage and not a great deal of space, therefore I have selected a neutral palette choosing to introduce colour with cushions and accessories. However, in saying this, I do plan to use colour on my bedroom and study walls. The walls in my open plan living area are Resene Rice Cake, a sharp but warm white which is easy to live with and a perfect background for pieces of art. Currently I have two large mirrors in this area which take away valuable wall space for my paintings, so I am thinking about removing the white washed mirror I bought a couple of years ago, moving it to the main bathroom and keeping the gorgeous gilded one over my mantelpiece which has some history behind it.

What is my style? In my living area I probably don't have a particular style, I would say an eclectic mix of English, SE Asian with French touches. My large Korean cabinet takes pride of place in the only available space in a corner of my living room. It is totally wrong for the size of the room but I love it and not ready to part with it yet. My collection of blue and white ginger jars are the remains of my expat life in SE Asia and sometimes when I tire of them, they are replaced with my white, French country ceramics. My room is a combination of the things I love, the one room in my house that doesn't adhere to an inspiration mood board. Pieces have been bought not because they go with the room but because I loved them, every piece has a story and a memory.

The images below are just glimpses of this space, next week I will take some photos that show the entirety of the room. The area includes a fireplace and mantel and a large built in book shelf which I am going to re-finish with new doors, shelves and paintwork. The other end of the room is my open plan kitchen which is also receiving a makeover. My living room is a constant changing space, what you might see this month, may be a little different next month.

My winter, velvet spotted cushion will be making way for my new Ralph Lauren fabric.

This photo reminds me, I need another basket to balance the area beneath my cabinet

 I cannot bare to part with my large Korean cabinet, although I wouldn't say no to an antique French sideboard.

I bought this ceramic stool in Brunei from a shop that was closing down, it was a bargain. I have a "love/hate" relationship with it and often store it away, but it seems to keep making its way back.

This chair is at the other end of the room. I may replace the cushions and introduce a little more colour.

One of my favourite ceramics, a large rustic French bowl, and yes the orchid is real, this is the second year it's produced two stems full of gorgeous blooms.

I abandoned my coffee table for this ceramic stool which is easy to move around and uses less space. I do plan to buy a smaller coffee table as mine was too large for this room.

I just treated myself to the little topiary, it balances the corner and adds a pop of green.

The vase I purchased in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I love the vibrant blue, hand painted detail, also the dragons on either side of the top which are in relief.

 Tea lights lights, the remains of Christmas.

The wooden carved mirror I bought in the UK 30 years ago and it weighs a ton! It was left in our previous house when we went overseas with strict instructions to tenants that it was to remain on the wall. When we sold the house a few years later we were shocked to find the tenants had stored it in the garage and it had unfortunately received some water damage. Why would anyone want to remove such a beautiful mirror!  It has hung over my mothers mantelpiece since and more recently it was hung over my fireplace.

Such lovely detail on this antique Korean cabinet

The sliding brass bolt has aged to a lovely patina. I could clean the brass up but I like the effect.

The old barometer belonged to my father, the books are over 100 years old

I hope you've enjoyed moments of my room, as mentioned, I am constantly refreshing it. When my friends visit and spot a new cushion, they look at me, smile and raise their eyebrows. Last winter I was using soft shades of greens, now I am adding blue and white for summer. The blue and white tropical print cushions are from Curtainalia. I featured the owner of Curtainalia, Kaye's home recently on the blog, if you missed this post you may want to catch up, as I posted some lovely images of her Mediterranean inspired interior.

Lee oxo

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