Macrame Is Back & Setting A Trend In Our Homes

Most of us are aware trends come in full circles, what was yesterday is now today, so whats returning in 2014? I believe owls and woodland animals are taking flight but macrame is making a come back. Remember those hanging macrame planters of the 70's, well they are back with a little vibrancy and a lot of ingenuity.

Macrame is believed to have originated from 13th Century Arab weavers who originally used the knots to create fringing along the edge of hand woven fabrics. Eventually the art spread to Spain then Italy and further on to England, where it is said, Queen Mary taught the art of macrame to her ladies in waiting. If you want to learn more about its history you can read more ...hereJumping a few centuries, macrame recently appeared on the Australian television series, 'The Block', where Josh and Jenna, (obviously on trend), hung a white knotted macrame planter in the corner of their bathroom. Unfortunately I couldn't find a large enough image to show you but there is a small  Sometimes there isn't enough space to be able to display a plant or other bathroom accessory and a hanging macrame is the perfect solution. Another idea for its use in a bathroom would be to pop a basket inside and fill it with neatly folded hand towels or soaps for guests. Wall hangings, planters, rugs, baskets and chairs, macrame is making a comeback and I have been looking for inspiration with a 'current' feel.

Above: A throw and lantern in vivid colours
Above: This decorative hanging could be used in a window or as a screen or room divider
Above: The perfect  baby crib
Above: A simple hanger from Anthropologie
Above: Pattern Play large macrame lightshade 

Image source above: 1|2|3|4|5

1.Knotted Melati hanging chair - Anthropologie homeware
2. Macrame hanger kitset from the Descendant Store
3 Macrame plant hanger - Anthropologie homeware
4. Colour block macrame plant hangers - Cold Picnic
5. Henriette Macrame pillow cases - Brunklauss Amersterdam
6. Macrame basket from One Kings Lane (Note One Kingslane has special offers, so this basket may not still be available).
7. Macrame wool rug from Serena and Lily

Above: If you like DIY, I found a wonderful step by step tutorial with fantastic images, to create this planter. Directions at.... Whimsey Box

I hope you have enjoyed this inspiration, if you want to see more ideas with macrame, please visit my Pinterest page.

Lee oxo

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