Hooked On Hamptons - How to achieve this look in your home.

In the interior design and architectural world 'The Hamptons' is a familiar sounding word, but where are the Hamptons and what depicts this style? The Hamptons makes up a group of villages and hamlets in a seaside location on the South Fork of Long Island, New York. The area is popular with anyone who's anyone in New York. An historic location with a mix of original colonial homes and new builds replicating the colonial style. Think of grand portico's, pillars, shutters and shingles along with perfectly manicured gardens. For the interiors, designers have created a unique look, a style that works perfectly in this pretty coastal location. Light filled rooms with neutral walls, white washed or light toned wooden furniture combine with linens in soft accents such as pale blue, grey and beige uniting this look.
Hamptons Architectural style
Above: Aerin Lauder's South Hampton home via

East Hampton home via

Above: Proving Hampton style is worldwide, this Auckland home reflects a little Hamptons with its portico

Hamptons interior Style...

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When I search 'Hamptons' the resulting images send me into a kind of dream like state, where my mind is mentally re-decorating every room in my house to achieve this light filled style. Who would have thought a location would become a style! I have never heard of anyone asking for 'Mission Bay' style, although Mission Bay is a seaside location. Recently I was informed, the front of my house (since its makeover), does look 'Remuera', so maybe the Auckland suburb of Remuera does have a distinct style. Regardless I took this as a compliment to my home. To those of you located outside New Zealand, Remuera is a prestigious suburb in Auckland although not near the beach.
Come to think of it, I wonder if there is a Notting Hill, Ohio or Sydney style. Nevertheless Hamptons is almost a dictionary style that has made its mark on interior design and architecture, worldwide.  

If this is your style you will certainly have fun trying to create a little Hamptons love in your home. Easily replicated without the millions required to reside in this prestigious location. You don't need a grand home to incorporate this light filled look to your interior. Take one bedroom, subtle neutral paintwork, white shutters or wide white wooden blinds, white washed furniture, the right toned linens and a few accessories and voila you have your own Hamptons escape!

Hamptons bedroom moodboard. Take some basic white furniture and add your accessories...
Above: Wardrobe, bed and drawers from the Coast range at David Phillips - Sesame square throw, also from the David Phillips range.

I hope you have enjoyed an introduction to Hamptons style. Next week I will be sharing the progress to date of the makeover of the front of my house, If you don't want to miss out, you may want to sign up for email updates over at the sidebar.

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