Upcycled Christmas Tree Stand - Chalk Paint™ Makeover

Just a quick post today, I have been drooling over beautifully styled Christmas images on Pinterest and literally counting down the days to my new pro camera in the hope I can take similar shots (yes I know I have been talking about this for over a year but it is actually happening in 13 days). Meanwhile you, I will have to suffer my less than perfect images on my latest Chalk Paint™ makeover.

I inherited a small nest of tables from my mother, the smallest table was really too small to be practical and so I decided to use it to experiment with a different colour Chalk Paint™ and accidentally created the perfect stand for my wee Christmas tree.

For my Chalk Paint™ makeover, I didn't have time for step by step photos but the recipe for success was quite simple


Chalk Paint™ Chateau Grey
Chalk Paint™ Old White
Annie Sloan Brush
Annie Sloan Light wax
Annie Sloan dark wax

  • Wipe down your furniture to make sure it is clean and dust free 
  • I turned my table upside down and proceeded to paint the legs and side of the table in Chateau Grey
  • Once dry apply a second coat of Chateau Grey
  • When dry I stood the table right side up and painted the top with one coat of Chateau Grey
  •  I then painted 2 coats of Old White, allowing time to dry in between coats
  • I applied clear wax to the whole piece buffing it up well
  • I then applied dark wax in a circular motion to the top making sure to rub in well
  • I applied dark wax to the legs and sides rubbing in well and removing any excess
  • You can use light wax smeared on a cloth to remove any very dark stains that might not work
  • I then took a very fine piece of sandpaper and gently sanded the edges of the table where it would normally be worn. I did this randomly so that it didn't look too contrived
  • I then applied another thin layer of clear wax to my whole piece to seal the paint and then buffed it up till it shone beautifully

Hints & Tips:

I applied my wax with a cloth rubbing in a circular motion in small areas at a time. You can wipe off excess wax but I find that usually the first coat seems to soak in and it is not until I apply my second coat that I get a really good shine. 

My little table was perfect to stand my tree on and I am thrilled with yet another successful chalk paint makeover and looking forward to my next one.

I hope you enjoyed this quick  tutorial, looking over my photos I think I might just tackle the mirror with old white as the grey really doesn't suit my change of decor.

Lee oxo

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