Fairy String LED Lights - Fairy Light Inspiration

Some friends might say I'm an 'impulse' buyer, I prefer to use the words, 'spontaneous purchaser' and one of those 'spontaneous' moments was the purchase of some tiny LED fairy lights spotted in a local homeware store. I thought, how cute, there must be lots of things I could do with those. Sadly though the lights have been sitting on my desk for months waiting for that creative idea. At the time I purchased the lights, I tried winding them around some imitation blue Agapanthas I have in a big white jug, but they just didn't look right so back they went in their packaging with a few other impulse buys until I could work out what to do with them.

My lights looking uninspiring, but just look at the ideas below

While recently looking for some internet coastal inspiration, I spotted a Christmas tree created from pieces of driftwood. Similar little lights to mine had been used in creating this pretty, alternative tree. I then started thinking, there must be lots more ideas around so I began my search and have come up with some great inspiration. Ideally fairy lights are perfect for the holiday period but could easily be used at any time of the year. Brightlitz have a range of fairy string LED lights which can be purchased through their website that are suitable for most of the DIY ideas below.

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I have decided I might be able to use my lights around the mirror on my mantel or I may purchase another set and use them to wrap around two topiary I have on my front steps.

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