Oh My Goodness! - Salted honey and fig cheesecake

I was browsing Pinterest yesterday and spotted a beautiful recipe image, I quickly popped over to "A House In The Hills" to check out the ingredients. Salty and sweet, a divine contrast of flavours for the palate, with the added bonus that Sarah's salted honey and fig cheesecake is dairy free. I also couldn't help noticing that there doesn't appear to be any gluten in her recipe so as soon as figs are in season again I will be making this little beauty. 

When I was living in the Middle East I used to buy mini wooden crates of neatly packed fresh figs flown in from Lebanon. I would indulge in them 'au naturale' for breakfast or cut them in half and serve with yummy goats cheese and sometimes I would lightly stew them and pile on loads of thick, creamy Greek yogurt, divine! Oh and I've just remembered, Poppy's friend Pippa the schnauzer has a HUGE fig tree in her back garden overhanging their pool, I will have to offer to help pick them next season before these delicious fruits end up on the bottom of their pool ;)

If you would like to make this desert, please visit Sarah's blog for her recipe and ingredients.

Bon appetit

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