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Most of us dream of visiting France, walking the streets of Paris, or basking in the sunshine of Provence. Today however, it's not necessary to endure a 14 hour flight or busy channel crossing to experience French style. Within a short drive of my home, there is an authentic French market, a wonderful French bakery, not to mention several shops with antique and reproduction French furniture. Yes, we 'Francophiles' can create a feeling of France without having to travel!

With France and bedrooms on my mind, this post focuses on French style beds/bedrooms. In my mind I visualise two distinct styles; French country and Versailles. 18th Century French country think, linens, rustic floors and less ornate headboards. Versailles, opulent, lush and romantic with velvet's, silk, satin and ornately carved beds. Of course, an original French bed would be an outlandish expense, however, recently I discovered a London-based company, And So To Bed  with beautifully detailed, reproduction French beds. Ok, I realise they are a long way from New Zealand, however as a large number of my readers are from the UK, I knew they would be of interest. Creating a French look to a bedroom is so much easier when you have an exquisite statement bed to work with. Whether your choice is country, romantic or opulent, their elegant beds will give your bedroom an undoubtedly French look.

After preparing this post and selecting my favourite beds, last night I retired to my ordinary bed lusting after their charming Juliet cane bed below. I love the detail on the headboard, it is not overly ornate, just enough to say "I am French". This style of bed would look fabulous with white-washed furniture or darker antique pieces as seen in their room setting. The great thing about And So To Bed, French beds is they can be custom made in a variety of finishes to suit your decor... Ok, enough detail, I will let you see for yourselves.

Floral cane bed

Louis panelled bed

Juliet cane bed 

Bonaparte Bed 

Bonaparte deep buttoned bed

Versailles silver leaf bed

Image sources:  And So To Bed - London

If you are a lover of all things French, I hope you found some inspiration today to help you create a heavenly French style bedroom. I wonder which is your favourite?

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