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I'm aware Summer's long gone in NZ, but hey! the sun was shining today and I am still able to walk along the beach most mornings. One of the hardest things about returning to NZ after so many years in SE Asia and the Middle East was not having daily sunshine and that wonderful warmth I felt waking up every morning to the sun streaming through our windows.  Recently I shared a post on a lovely coastal interior which jogged my memory that I had started to draft a post in April about coastal themed interiors and had not yet finished it, so with a bit more work and a lot of searching of images I have completed the post and hope you will be inspired to bring some coastal sunshine to your home.

A simple way to incorporate a theme into your home, whatever it may be, French, Country, Contemporary, Coastal, is to take the word and then make a list of words that spring to mind, a kind of "word association" game. Taking the word "Coastal", I created a short list of words to help me with my textures, a quick and easy way to help create a mood board. 

I then created another list to help select accessories that will work with the coastal theme...








    More inspiration...

    The coastal lamp above and below is a smart idea from Laura Ashley. Fill your jar with shells, pebbles or whatever little treasures you have to add some interest and texture. You could even place a faux nest and eggs inside.

    The  items above are from Laura Ashley's coastal range.

    Create a nautical mirror -  link to instructions can be found at the end of this post.

    Sand dollar cookies, see quick links at the end of this post for recipe and  step by step instructions.

    Coastal style...






    Image Sources 1|2|3|4|5

    Quick Links:
    Nautical mirror instructions from Martha Stewart....Instructions here.
    Cute sand dollar cookies from Sugarbelle....Recipe & instructions here.

    We hope you've enjoyed our coastal inspiration. A recent post with a tour of a coastal home can be seen at the link below.

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