Eclectic Style & Colour In This West Hollywood Home

I'm taking a break from a complicated post to share an amazing interior belonging to Cuban born, Carmen Lopez. Carmen has been an avid collector ever since she left her home in Cuba and her current Spanish deco home of the past 23 years is a true reflection of her style. I always say, "a house is just four walls, but a home is what you make of it". Your home should be a reflection of your personality, life, travels, and Carmen's home is a truly a reflection of hers. You can read more about Carmen at the end of this post.

Photography - John Ellis.

I've been fascinated by Carmen's home and her wonderful sense of style. Not only does Carmen have a great eye for mixing colour and pattern, she also has some clever ways of displaying such as her jewelry collection and her fabulous silver display, although I wouldn't want to be the one having to clean it all that silver. 

We hope you've enjoyed this post, you can read more about Carmen's house and details of her paint and drapery colours  along with more more images at  Traditional Home.  

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