Boring Beige, Never! - Fabulous Neutral Manhattan Apartment

Lately I've been featuring interiors from from neon to pastel and even orange, however, today I want to share an apartment with a lack of colour but definitely not a lack of creative design. When one tries to work with an entirely neutral palette it takes skill to create something interesting. I was instantly drawn to this Manhattan apartment for its wonderful sense of style, balance and interesting accessories. An neutral  interior which is far from boring because of the clever use of textures, furniture and interesting accessories.

This light abundant living area has a definite feel of nature about it. At first glance it may appear there is a little too much going on but if you look at the second image you will see that every piece has been carefully placed to maximise space in this open plan living/kitchen area. I believe this interior evokes luxury, from the rich chocolate brown hardwood floors to the Zebra striped chairs.  I love the layout of the kitchen, its spacious central island with plenty of storage space. Don't you love the clear glass pendant lights above the kitchen island, they work wonderfully in this interior as your eye is not just drawn to them but also beyond. I haven't seen any light fittings like this in New Zealand so if your a regular reader and know where I can get some of these, please leave a comment. 

I keep looking over and over these images as each time I spot something different. An eclectic mix of accessories that may have been gathered from the owners travels, or cleverly selected by the interior designer, and they all work fabulously together in this monochromatic scheme.

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