Inspiration 5, 2013 - Pastel Inspiration, Food, Interiors and Crafts

I'm still in love with pastels after my Easter Inspiration post and consequently this week found myself drawn to all things pastel, food, interiors and crafts. On the yummy side of things this weeks discoveries, include, Banana Gelato  icecream, pastel swirl cake and a simple Rice Krispie recipe,  I've also found some pretty pastel interiors. Plenty to peruse, so take your time to browse through. You will find "quick links" to instructions and recipes, at the end of this post.

And now for some pretty pastel interiors...

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We hope you had a lovely weekend, we had the prettiest blue sky today, not a cloud to be seen. I spent the morning walking round the bays but not actually entering the "Round the Bays" run. I returned home and had a big clean out of my studio and a bit of a re-shuffle. Poppy is paddling around waiting for her dinner so I better get this post published quickly before she starts to get annoyed with me ☺

If you love pastels and missed last weeks Easter inspiration post, you can catch

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