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Apart from the obvious importance of having a fire extinguisher for home, I never thought I would be writing a post about the possibility of upcycling such an item. However, I've recently become hooked on the TV series, "The Picker Sisters". In case you are unfamiliar, these two, creative and ingenious sisters have opened an Interior design store where they sell their products upcycled from vintage items.  Last weeks episode saw them create two amazing chairs from a pair of old mule collars, these are a clever pair (excuse the pun), and they had me seriously thinking what I might have lying around that I could turn into a piece of design work.

I don't exactly have any mule collars about, however, what I did find at my mother's house, was an old fire extinguisher which initially I was going to throw out until I discovered some fabulous ways to upcycle this mundane object. My mother's extinguisher was just outside the back door, it used to be in her kitchen but I told her how ugly it was, so she moved it out of sight. I guess it was a silly thing in hindsight, as to be honest everyone should have a fire extinguisher in their kitchen, ugly or not, it could be a life saver.

Deciding to Google this item, I was immediately Inspired by a simple tutorial discovery at Wit and Whistle where Amanda upcycled an old extinguisher into a fabulous vase. I've decided to do the same with my mother's old extinguisher, creating black and white stripes. I think with the addition of some simple white flowers or tall white twigs, it will look stunning!  I've also found a few other ideas to share with you, I hope you feel inspired. 

                                               Step by step tutorial by Amanda at Wit and Whistle|

You could use a spray can of white enamel car paint to give a modern look to your essential klitchen extinguisher.

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