Gift Wrapped - Christmas Inspiration 2012

I am not one for solely following tradition and those 1 metre rolls of shiny paper scattered with trees and snowmen and candy bars are definitely past their "sell by date". Myself, I keep a stock of embellishments on hand which are really great for last minute wrapping. Collect vintage beads or jewelry, broken vintage pieces and old buckles can be put to use. Buckles can be threaded onto wide or narrow ribbon and secured around your parcel. Pieces of jewelry can be hot glued onto the ribbon or parcel itself. There are endless ways to wrap.  

I have been browsing the Internet and found some "non traditional" but fabulous ways to wrap your gifts. lots more inspiration can be seen on my Pinterest board, I have added a link at the end of this post.


You can find many more gift wrap ideas on my Pinterest board "Gift Wrapped"

Happy wrapping!

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1| Image via Style Me Pretty 
2|Collage created by Lee Caroline - Via Style Me Pretty 
3|Collage created by Lee Caroline - Via Style Me Pretty.

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