Asian Style Interiors

Throughout my years of living in Asia and the UAE, I experienced many exuberant interiors. Gold leaf, over ornate cornices, exotic patterns, rich colours, clashing colours and gold, gold and more gold!...sometimes" ornateness" to the extreme.  I've actually been lucky enough to visit the Sultan of Brunei's Palace several times and experienced the most lavish interior first hand. I remember some amazing chairs in his gymnasium with gold plated shuttle cocks for feet and gold plated taps in the bathrooms. These interiors always fascinated me but I must admit I was not a fan of them and was always looking for that Asian interior that I might go, Wow! I actually like this.

Today I found that room...This gorgeous Asian room has simple panache and although a mix of patterns and colours it is much subtler than the interiors I experienced living overseas. I love this look and could quite happily spend and afternoon reading a book in this light filled corner.

Asian Living 
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A touch of Morocco in this interior...

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What do you think of these styles? I love to read your comments.


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