Last minute Easter Holiday ideas

A cute idea using eggs from Martha Stewart

Easter egg poppers from Camille Styles. Pull the little tags and out pops your confetti.  Please click to visit Camille's inspiring blog and fully illustrated step by step instructions .

Delicious Easter Cupcakes from Sweet Living Magazine

Something a little different in the way of a tart. Spring Grapefruit Tartlet from Oh Joy. "Oh Joy" is a pretty blog  brimming with inspiration.Click "here" for her recipe. If you enjoy little tartlets you may also enjoy these raspberry tartlets I posted a while ago.

Also from Martha Stewart, simple directions to fold this cute bunny napkin for your holiday table...
click for bunny napkin instructions

Easter Egg Garden

 You will need a recycled egg carton, 3 large white hens eggs, 3 chocolate eggs,  3 miniature house plants and printable tags (below).

 Make a small hole in the top of the egg with a sewing machine needle.  Hold the needle against the egg and slightly tap down with the handle of a knife, you can make the hole a little bigger by twisting the needle around once its pierced the shell. Then make a smaller hole in the bottom of the egg and blow out the yolk and white through holding it upside down with the larger hole at the bottom.  
 Dye your eggs in food colouring, I used red and blue to create purple
click "here" for a simple method to dye your eggs.

 When the eggs are dry  make a larger hole at the top of the egg by twisting the point of a knife (be very careful, don't let the children do this)... twist gently until it cracks a little and then by hand break the top gently so it looks like the eggs below.

3 cracked eggs ready to plant

 Fill your egg box with some paper straw, creating a nest effect. I bought my tissue straw at the $2 shop.

cut out  the printable label, (see below) and glue it to the top of your egg box

 Remove plants from their little plastic pots divide them and push gently into the egg cases along with enough soil as not to overflow the eggs. Rinse off gently any soil on the outside of the shells.

Place your chocolate eggs and your little plants in the box, you can fasten with some gardening twine and tie on another gift tag if your plants are not too large.  It is best to stick to the little succulents rather than the larger one I used, then you can tie the lid down and the recipient will get a nice surprise when they open it.  I made mine especially for my mum for Easter Sunday.

I found some cute printable Easter gift tags to attach. These tags were created by Pumpkin Petunia. It takes time and energy to create such lovely tags, so if your going to download them it would be kind to drop by Petunia's blog and if you have time, leave an appreciative "thank you" ☺

Note the printables are much larger in reality. Click "here" to view these delightful tags and download

These really stylish eggs doodled with a sharpie pen feature on Cush & Nooks Easter Joy post. Pop over and visit, there are lots of other designer egg ideas, you may even want to do a bit of shopping while visiting  as Cush & Nooks is a lovely  homeware store full of great designs.  The original idea for these eggs comes from Alisa Burke.

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We hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday wherever
you are in the world. We have Easter Friday and Monday off so a long weekend
and what's great is we seem to be having a very late Summer with lots of well overdue sunshine ☺

Lee oxo

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