A Work of Art - Vimeo time Lapse Video That Tugs At The Heart Strings

Yesterday I made a delightful discovery of a black and white video through a facebook page.  The video, in time lapse, is of a little girl from birth until 12 years old. It's not very long, but it's the most beautiful work I have seen for some time, in fact it brought tears to my eyes.  I'm in rather an emotional state at the moment as my mother is sadly loosing her battle with cancer and yesterday came to live with me. However, there are still times to smile and this was one of them even though at the same time it brought tears to my eyes. I showed it to my mother and she said, I wish I could have done this with you when you were little. Isn't it amazing that technology although intrusive at times, can also be a "blessing."

A little "googling" and I discovered this wonderful video was created by Frans Hofmeester of his little girl Lotte and another click led to a further delightful video of Fran's little brother Vince. I encourage you to watch both, you will giggle like anything at Vince's video which is also in time lapse 


If you love lotte's video, then  you must see her expressive little brother Vince, you will smile for sure... I have just watched Vince again for the 4th time and still smiling...

Lee oxo

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