Colonial Cottage - The last of it's kind

Would you believe this gorgeous 2 storey cottage is the last of its kind in the UK...not only that but it was originally available as a "flat pack" from Harrod's intended for the Indian colonies. It's not so surprising to me re the "flat pack" as we can buy houses in New Zealand by kitset to erect ourselves (if you have a savvy DIY husband or BF), we call them "Kit Sets". It does surprise me though that this is the last of it's kind in the UK, quite sad I think. However this cottage has real appeal and is basically in it's original design. This delightful home is full of whimsy and charm, with surprise pops of colour here and there. With no more hesitation lets step inside...

 This delightful home is available for photo/film shots through jj locations. Please do not re-use these images without prior permission from  jjlocations.

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looking forward to better weather this weekend but not looking
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