Tangerine Tango - Pantone Colour of 2012

Tangerine Tango, the Pantone colour of 2012, a vibrant orange hue, energising and warm. The simplest way to introduce this wonderful colour to your home is with accessories such as cushions, rugs, throws, vases or paintings. Alternatively you could paint a "feature" wall or just simply introduce some tangerine coloured flowers to brighten your room, tangerine flowers in an all white room would look simply stunning! To add a "pop" of colour to your bathroom, some fluffy towels in Tangerine or even tangerine soaps and candles would look great.

Some Tangerine Tango Inspiration...

1. Worlds away oval wastebasket - Layla Grayce $119.00
2. Vintage French Design chair by  available from Layla Grayce $873.00
3. DL Rhein Circle Link orange embroidered pillow from Layla Grayce $90.00
4. Polkamania orange shag rug from Layla Grayce $193.00
5. Le Versha chair in orange from Anthropologie $248.00
6. Penelope Standard pillow case $32.00 from Layla Grayce

Or you could simply cool down with some...

Tangerine iced green tea, please visit  New Nostalgia to see how to make this tea which is an excellent antioxidant

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Have a lovely evening
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