New Painting, Pink And White Roses

Here are the shots I have taken for my next painting, I'd love your feedback on which is your favourite. They are similar but there are subtle differences as I moved the flowers around.  I take all my shots at night with a simple spotlight above, this helps to create a contrast of light and shadow which are what my paintings are about.

 Image 1

 Image 2

 Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

Image 2 and 5 are my front runners at the moment. I love the folds in the petals of the pink rose and the light casting interesting shadows on the white rose. As you will see I love to crop I rarely use a reference shot without cropping.  I am still very undecided about the images above, hence your comments would be greatly appreciated. My canvas will be approximately 900mm x 1100mm  (for my USA viewers, just under 3 feet in depth X just over 3 feet, 7" wide) size will depend on the image I select.

 If you haven't seen my work before you may be interested in the links below. 

Have a great week

Lee oxo

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