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Today's post is a "BIG" thank you to Robin Stubbert a professional photographer whose work I have featured on LC in the past. Robin has kindly allowed me to use some of her photography in my new blog banner. Thank you Robin, I personally feel your images have made a huge difference to my blog, enabling me to have a fresh, sharp and professional looking banner. 

LC is still evolving and I have a lot of work to be done on my pages so gradually changing to the new look over the next month or so, plus I'm still working on branding. I hope everyone likes the new banner, I wanted to portray the main theme of my blog which is really "house and home  inspiration". You may have noticed the word "Art" has disappeared from my blog, this has been done on purpose as the blog is far more than just my art  and so will be known simply, as Lee Caroline. FYI ☺, Lee is my first name and Caroline is my middle name, I didn't want to use my surname as it just didn't flow and I have always wished I was named Caroline as my first name instead of Lee, so this way I get to see it in print ☺

I will finish this brief post with a lovely image from Robin. I chose this particular image as I love it and for me it tells a story. If you receive this post via email you will have to go to my page to view the new banner.

 Image by Robin Stubbert

This image is reproduced with permission from Robin Stubbert, please do not re-use this image.

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