"Beanies for Baldies", A Story Of A Courageous Little Boy

I used to post a lot of Etsy products when I first started my blog and realise I haven't done this for a while but today I'm going to share far more than just an etsy shop, this is a story about a very brave and courageous little boy called Preston Allen. 

Preston's only 10 years old but has already had cancer twice in his life.  Preston comes from Murfreesboro, Tennessee in the USA and was first diagnosed with cancer at only 5 months old, battling his disease for the next 5 years of his life.  8 months after Preston's initial diagnosis his father was also diagnosed with cancer (stage 4 colon cancer). Preston's father fought his cancer for 8 years but sadly Prestons father passed away in April 2010. This was devastation enough to Preston's family and very sadly in August 2011 Preston was again diagnosed with  cancer this time Hodgkins Lymphoma.  

Preston is now undergoing treatment for his cancer and this has caused him to loose all his hair so Preston decided to make a hat for himself  "The beanie for baldies" he called it.  Preston then came up with the idea of making the beanies for other children at the hospital where he attends treatment.  With the help of his mum Tonya, Preston has now started an etsy shop to help pay for the materials so he can make hats for lots of other children. One hat costs only US$5.00 and the money from one hat pays for the material for that hat and in turn makes three more hats which Preston will give away to 3 other children undergoing chemotherapy.  

Preston in  one of his hats

Preston has come up with some really cute fleecy beanies in lots of bright patterns. "Beanies for Baldies" currently has some new stock, I recommend you visit his store, you can read about Prestons background "here".  I bought a hat myself but instead of Preston shipping it to New Zealand I asked for it to be donated back and given to a little girl, this is the pattern of the hat I chose below....I seem to be drawn to pink at the moment. 

It would be lovely to help support Preston on his mission, he's already made 65 hats and dontated them to the Vanderbilt Children's hospital and 45 to the hospital in Denver. If you would like to buy a hat, make a donation or do what I did, buy one and donate it back, please visit "Beanies for Baldies" for more details. I could not think of a more deserving little shop.

ps...There are lots more designs available.

Lee oxo

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