How To Make A Keepsake Christmas Tree Bauble

I absolutely fell in love with the interior below, it's grand presence and mix of textures from the sage green velvet cushions to the simple glass candlesticks and votive's.  To keep with the subtle tones of the room a branch of willow has been used as a simple Christmas tree. Mercury glass baubles hang delicately from it's branches. Simplicity is how I would describe this setting with an air of "elegance".

Inspired by this image I was going to show you how to re-create some mercury glass baubles but when I went to buy the empty glass baubles I saw a really pretty bauble in the Bead Hold (a beading shop). I gathered up some pretty mauve crystals, silver beads and some clear crystals while I was there to make my bauble as seen below. I hope my instructions are easy for you to follow to create a keepsake bauble for your own tree or wherever you may want to hang it  in your house.

All items should be available from your local beading or craft shop

Select a bead for the bottom, thread the wire down through the bead, thread on a crimp bead and squash with the pliers (allow enough wire to bend back up through the bead)

Trim off the excess wire with scissors. Replace the spring pin and tie a pretty ribbon around the top of the pin. I have used leftover ribbon from my Christmas table setting. I think some gorgeous wired chintz would be really pretty as you could create a wonderful bow.

pour in some seed beads, I have used a mixture of clear glass and silver.  Half a  small
tube should be plenty as they just lay in the bottom.  Replace the crown lid of the bauble and secure it and you have yourself a really pretty keepsake bauble. 

My completed bauble

As a different colour variation you could use gold and black seed beads to scatter inside the bauble, crystals and black beads for the dangles and a gold or silver wired chintz ribbon for the bow.

Alternatively you could have a more "natural" theme with hemp ribbon and white wooden beads on your wire and  a small shell on the end and tiny crushed shells or white sand in the bauble.

Here are some simple image ideas to fill your bauble if you want a simple but pretty effect.

Image via Brown Button

Image via Pinterest

These beautiful baubles are for sale at  Pipii - British Pounds 6.00 each.  However you could easily glue Swarovski crystals to the outside of your baubles or even small embellishments to re-create something similar.
All my beads and bauble came from the Bead Hold

I Hope I've brought some inspiration to you today

Lee oxo

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