Rose Paintings - The Kiss & Serenity Rose, step by step process

Often people ask me how long it takes to complete one of my paintings, I never clock my hours so to speak, rarely does an artist, for me its about my passion and love of painting flowers. If it takes me a month or even two months to complete a painting it doesn't matter to me as depicting its beauty and reflecting it back to the viewer is more important than the hours it takes. 

Today I am sharing some step by step photos into the process of two of my works.  The paintings are first completed in Burnt umber prior to any colour being applied (similar to a sepia photograph), this allows for more depth to the final work. The first painting however, I did not adhere to this practice with the top rose as I needed to complete this work fairly quickly. 

The Kiss - oil on canvas 1.10 metres x 1.10 metres

Serenity White Rose - Oil on Canvas 80 x 80cm

I hope your having a wonderful
Thanksgiving break
Lee oxo

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