Christmas Cookies and Stamping

I discovered these gorgeous cookies on Flickr and thought what a great idea.  These simple iced cookies have been stamped with a rubber stamp using edible ink and then touched up with a cake decorators pen.  I was thinking that a Christmas stamp would be great, you could then wrap a few cookies in clear cellophane and tie with a gorgeous ribbon to give as a teachers gift or for neighbours at Christmas time.

photo credit/idea via nice icing on flickr

Cavallini Birds & Nests stamps 
set of 11 elegant birds and nest as seen on stamped cookies above
set - US$27.50 from Paper Source

Cavallini Paris Rubber stamp set 
contains 11 vintage Paris inspired stamps and black ink pad, so you could use them for gift tags/cards too. Don't whatever you do use the ink pad to stamp on the cookies unless it is water based and non toxic :)
US$27.50 set from Paper Source

You could make your own ink pad by folding a piece of absorbent kitchen paper several times and soaking it with a dark food colouring or a small piece of a new kitchen sponge and soak it in the food colouring. However, I think the food approved ink pads would work much better.  I did read that Stamping up classic pads work well as they are non toxic and water based and have no taste. 

A sugar cookie recipe and royal icing recipe plus video demonstration for making sugar cookies can be found at Joy of Baking, please click "here" for the link.

 Handy Hint:  Always pipe your icing on your cookies as spreading with a knife will encourage it to seep over the edges. 

And if you are not much good at baking, you could order these really pretty ready made cookies just in time for Christmas:

Christmas Present Cookies - Holiday Cookies - Christmas Cookies

These lovely Christmas cookies are available at The Piece De Resistance an Etsy store - US$26.00 for 1 dozen cookies (shipping is world wide prices on their site).

Christmas Tree Cookies - Holiday Cookies - Christmas Cookies
Pretty Christmas trees - US$30 for 1 dozen cookies, also from Piece De Resistance

 I am sorry for not posting daily at the moment
I have not been too well and finding it a little hard to concentrate. However I will try to post as much as I can.
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