A White Thanksgiving table and embellishing candles

It's less than a week until Thanksgiving and I guess everyone has their tablescapes/settings all planned.  In New Zealand we don't celebrate Thanksgiving but Christmas is not far away and some of the white table settings below could be used for both Thanksgiving, Christmas or a wedding.  I love the use of pumpkins, I had only associated them with Halloween so was surprised to see that they are used for Thanksgiving too. Here in blogland we learn things every day! I also have some ideas for embellishing your candles.

I love the embellished silver detail on the candles. You could easily glue a narrow ribbon and attach a beautiful embellishment such as the ones below with a hot glue gun to your candles.  A silver ribbon with a silver embellishment, black ribbon with black embellishment, gold with gold embellishment etc for a beautiful designer look, making a gorgeous original gift.

These gorgeous embellishments are from Truly Blessed Apparel, an etsy store. The designs above range in price from US$8.50 - US$12.00 each.

Examples of embellishing candles, image via homerh's photostream on  flickr 

I love silver and white, its simply sparkles! Image above and below from Stone Gable a lovely blog see link below.

A touch of chocolate adds richness to this setting

1.Image via pinterest via rustic wedding chic 
2. Images of embellishments from Truly Blessed Apparel
3.Image embellished candles via flickr
4. This gorgeous image is from Stone Gable a really lovely blog I have just discovered, definitely worth a visit.
5. Image from Stone Gable
6. Image HGTV

A happy upcoming Thanksgiving to my 
USA readers..... Next I will be featuring a fab twist on a Rocky Road recipe

Lee xox

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