My Art and Milly's Flowers''

Milly's Flowers is a gorgeous little florist shop located in Coates Avenue, Orakei, just a few steps down from Bettjemans, NZ Hair Salon of the year, owned by Grant and Phif Bettjeman. Immediately you walk into Milly's little shop your surrounded by the colours and scent of Spring. Vibrant blue, red and purple Anemone's, pink, yellow and orange Poppy's, lime green Orchids, soft pink spotted Lily's (one of my favourites), pink Orchids, apricot Roses and gorgeous ornamental Cabbages. 

Not only does Milly sell flowers, she has some innovative gifts such as her hand made floral pens and gift cards. Milly also has a selection of  glass vases of varying size and design. If your a Expat Kiwi overseas and  have an upcoming family birthday or special occasion back in New Zealand, or you just want to cheer someone up, I'd encourage you to use Milly's direct service to send flowers home. 

A couple of weeks ago Milly kindly offered to display my artwork in her shop, I was thrilled with this chance as normally my work is sold by word of mouth and the public don't get to see it. I saw this opportunity as a wonderful way for my art to be viewed outside my home.  Next month I hope to display my latest work, "Rhapsody in Spring", a large piece 1.5 metres x 1.5 metres. Today I am sharing with my viewers, a glimpse of Milly's shop with my photographs.

Milly's flowers, Shop 3, 78 Coates Avenue, Orakei, Auckland

My painting - Angels of Light, oil on canvas 1.10 x 1.10 metres (This painting has now sold March 2012)

I love these beautiful soft apricot roses, simply gorgeous!

Beautiful Spring colours

Soft Spring pastels

Milly's hand made floral topped writing pens

Hope you had a great weekend
Lee x

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